This archive is a collection of Knytt Stories levels that are worth playing. Its purpose is to provide a good source of levels to people who want to dig into the game’s vast library. We do not aim to be comprehensive or purist. In the aim of only providing good levels many levels won’t be found here and levels that are may have minor corrections.

Where copyright is concerned, we intend to abide by the laws of the land, so some well known levels are unavailable. However, we will still inform you about the good ones, so you can cry over the fallacies of man. Piracy is not a victimless crime, or so it has been said.

If you feel a level should be here but isn’t there are a couple things you can do. First, just wait. This is not a small project and it’s more likely than not that we simply haven’t gotten to the level in question yet. Second, contact egomassive at the Nifflas Support forum. It’s really the best place to get a hold of him regarding a Knytt Stories matter. You’ll have to join the forum, but if you like KS then it’s a good idea to do that anyway.

Wondering what a tag means? Read on.

  • Art: Artistry over gameplay.
  • Challenge: Typical side-view platforming gameplay.
  • Easy: An easy level.
  • Environmental: No puzzles, dangers, or challenges; just things to see.
  • Epic: A lengthy game with a deep story or fleshed out world building.
  • Experimental: Unusual or experimental use of KS.
  • Explore: More about exploring than story or challenges.
  • Hard: A hard level.
  • KS+: requires Knytt Stories Plus to play.
  • Large: A large level.
  • Lunatic: Totally ridiculous height of difficulty.
  • Maze: Figuring out which way to go is the game.
  • Medium: A medium sized level.
  • Misc: A level that defies generas.
  • Normal: A normal difficulty level.
  • Playground: Has no goal or ending.
  • Puzzle: Contains puzzle type gameplay
  • Scenic: Better attention to graphics than most levels.
  • Small: A small level.
  • Story: Story telling is a main element.
  • Trick-jump: The only challenge is skilled jumps.
  • Tutorial: Teaches you how to play or how to make levels.
  • Very-Hard: A seriously challenging difficulty.
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