Paradise, Pain, Bliss Series – Carn

download The End of Paradise by Carn 0.1MB
download Escape from Pain by Carn 0.9MB
download Journey Through Bliss by Carn 4.4MB
Carn’s trilogy depicts Juni’s after-life and the adventure it inevitably becomes. They should be enjoyed in the order of Paradise, Pain, then Bliss. Playing through them you can easily see Carn’s development as a designer. The first level features many long, flat, empty areas. By the last installment, the graphics are mostly custom and the layout is interesting. Unfortunately Carn must have developed as a player too, because the difficulty grows from hard to insane. Nothing is undoable in Bliss, but it’s hard enough in places to stop being fun. Pain alone is both well made and fun, but the trilogy as a whole tells a story that is epic and memorable.

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