Station Sputzna – Farik

download Station Sputzna by Farik 9.7MB
This ranks among the top 5 unfinished Knytt Stories levels. The creativity and skill that went into it are top notch. Thematically it bears a strong resemblance to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. The lonely settings, the spacious music, the fragility of humanity’s reach for the stars, and the spectacular cinematic moments are all marvelously crammed into the Knytt Stories platform, and it is my speculation that this is what killed it. This was game making Farik was capable of but not the game making he enjoyed. The austerity of the subject matter left little room for his typical crude but silly humor or his bizarre plot developments. Playing it makes me ache to finish making it myself, but I have my own unfinished level among the the top 5.

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