Temple Freefall – Firecat

download Trapped in a Tower Full of Spikes by Firecat 1.7MB
download Temple Freefall by Firecat 172KB
Trapped in a Tower Full of Spikes was an experimental level designed to exploit a glitch in Knytt Stories. If the umbrella is taken from the player while in use, then it will remain stuck open. Later, a design competition was held where the main rule was to have no floor. Firecat applied his experience with TiaTFoS, creating Temple Freefall. There were many other silly rules which are to blame for all the silliness you’ll see in that level.

I really suck at this kind of level. Narrowly avoiding spikes and lasers while hanging from an umbrella is usually my least favorite part of any level that includes such a task. These two levels are all about that stuff, so why am I sharing them? Because they’re still good levels, and the glitch exploit is cool. Fun fact, the umbrella glitch is fixed in Knytt Stories Plus, but since these levels exist it still performs the glitch when running original Knytt Stories levels.

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